Gasp! Who knew steam engines were capable of producing such foul and wretched air? Give me a horse any day. This steampunk leather mask with cold cast aluminum fittings won’t protect you against toxic air, but it will make you look cool.

Both eyepieces have gray lenses, so you can look out but no one can look in. Both can be looked through, although not at the same object. Both leather and cast parts are antiqued black giving a rusty iron look. Mask is all handstitched and riveted.

Ventilation holes in the respirator allow for easy breathing. Five straps and steel buckles are all adjustable for size. This mask will fit up to a 24” diameter head. This mask fits over eyeglasses.


Out in the Wild

Gas Mask No. 66 was featured in Thirty Seconds To Mars epic short film “Hurricane”. 

It was also featured as the cover image for the Kanye West/Thirty Seconds To Mars collaboration “Hurricane 2.0”

Out in the Wild

More Info/How It Was Made/Tutorials

In 2009 Tom Banwell made a bunch of steampunk gas masks and respirators for the indy film “After the Fall”. Here is a photo of them.

When I first started maskmaking I numbered my masks sequentially. Some of them never made it to market (for instance #1 & 2). The very first steampunk item I made was a gas mask, and it carried number 43. I learned from everything I was making, and at some point I decided I wanted to update it and improve it.
Every steampunk mask after #43 got a name, but to keep with tradition I named this version #66. I don’t even remember how I came up with that number.

It has two different eyepieces, one made from a camera lens and the other from an old flashlight. The respirator near the mouth was mostly scratch built, molded and cast in resin. The #43 was closely modeled after a WWII rubber gas mask I had found at a yard sale.

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