Created in 2011, The Krankheit (which gets its name from the German word for “sickness”) is Tom Banwell’s fourth plague doctor mask. It’s a derivative design of The Furst Plague Doctor mask, Tom’s original plague doctor mask. The Krankheit is identical to The Furst, except the hand-stitched seams have been replaced with riveted seams, and decorative rivets, which gives it a bit of a steampunk look. The eyepieces are sewn in with waxed thread and the tip of the beak is hand-stitched. The mask is painted black with grey lenses or white with red lenses.

The mask is made of 5-6 oz veg tan leather and has an adjustable strap. It will fit most adult heads up to 24″ around.

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How It Was Made

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making of The Krankheit Plague Doctor Mask

     “I’ve had many people want my classic plague doctor mask but wished it didn’t cost so much. Much of the cost comes from the hours and hours of handstitching that goes into each one, so I have designed a variation that is faster to make. I have replaced most of the stitching with metal rivets, which not only lowers the price but gives the mask an edgy steampunk look….”  

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