Created in 2013, The Maximus is Tom Banwell’s fifth plague doctor mask and the first mask with large eye lenses. It’s a derivative design of The Furst Plague Doctor mask, and Dr. Beulenpest. The Maximus has the hand-stitched seams of The Furst, with the beak lines of Dr. Beulenpest, and with bigger eyes than any of the previous masks. There is enough room inside the mask for most eyeglasses to be worn. The eyepieces are sewn in with waxed thread. The mask is painted black with grey lenses or white with red lenses.

The mask is made of 5-6 oz veg tan leather and has an adjustable strap. It also comes back further on the face, and so is an overall larger mask, well suited to those with larger heads.

The Maximus Photo Gallery

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