Miasma is Tom Banwell’s third steampunk plague doctor mask (after Dr. Buelenpest and Ichabod) and is also his 9th plague doctor mask character. It’s polished metal beak, nostrils and eyes (eyes come in caged or lensed models) have a dystopian-victorian look that is a unique and clear evolution from earlier designs while also remaining iconically steampunk.

“It’s been several years since I introduced Dr. Beulenpest and Ichabod, my existing steampunk plague doctor masks. I felt it was time to create a third one, which I am calling Miasma. Years ago, people believed that the Black Death was caused by noxious air called Miasma, which came from decaying organic material. Thus the mask Miasma guards against this bad air.”

Tom Banwell


The Miasma Photo Gallery

How It Was Made

March 3, 2015

Making of The Miasma Plague Doctor Mask

     “I wanted to create something similar to Dr. Beulenpest and Ichabod, made mostly of veg tan leather with cold cast beak and eyes. I decided to go for a dragon or raptor look to the beak, rather than the pointy bird beak of the earlier two pieces. I began with a lifesize sketch from which to work. I played around with several ideas of how to… “
March 9, 2015

Miasma Photo Manipulation Competition

     “Announcing a competition in photo manipulation using images of my steampunk plague doctor mask Miasma. I am providing twenty five high resolution photos of the mask from varying angles, all shot on a white background to make them easily extractable. Your job is to choose one or more of the images and incorporate it into a photograph that will showcase the beauty of the mask…”     
April 20, 2015

Miasma Photo Manipulation Competition Winner!

     “I want to thank everyone who entered the Miasma Photo Manipulation Competition. It was difficult for me to choose among the fine entries, but ultimately I chose Waking Crow‘s entry. Here are some of my other favorites…”     

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