Created in 2013, The Shnabel (which gets its name from the German word meaning “beak mouth”) is Tom Banwell’s sixth plague doctor mask. It’s a derivative design of The Krankheit Plague Doctor mask. The Schbanel is identical to The Krankheit, except the beak has been elongated. The eyepieces are sewn in with waxed thread and the tip of the beak is hand-stitched. The mask is painted black with grey lenses or white with red lenses.

The Schnabel has the distinction of being the most copied plague doctor mask of all time. A simple google image search of the words “plague doctor” will return hundreds (if not thousands) of images, fan art, and counterfeit products that are direct rip-offs of this mask’s original product photo.

Shutterstock, a stock photo company, has 40+ images it is selling on its site as “copyright free” that are direct copyright violations of the our Schnabel product photo.

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Schnabel Fan Art Photo Contest Blog Post

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Schnabel Photo Manipulation

   “Announcing a competition in photo manipulation using images of my steampunk plague doctor mask Schnabel. I am providing twenty three high resolution photos of the Schnabel mask from varying angles and in a variety of lighting, all shot on a white background to make them easily extractable. 

 Your job is to choose one or more of the images and incorporate it into a photograph that will showcase the beauty of the mask…”  

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